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Battle Slam Dream In 2023

Happy New Year! Let us heat up the new year with some wrestling down in ATL! Battle Slam Dream takes place two weeks from today in Atlanta Georgia. This event brings the world of wrestling together with the history of…

Two Matches Announced For Battle Slam

Battle Slam: Thriller takes place on Sunday, October 30th in Atlanta Georgia. So far, two matches have been set. AEW’s Living Dead Girl, Abadon, faces off with The Kick Demon, Janai Kai. In addition, the king herself, KiLynn King, will…

Mickie James’ ‘Last Rodeo, Thunder’s Short Promo & Triple H Has A lot To Say|WWT Live| 9.12.22

WWE TROLLS CNN’S, TONY KHAN EXPLAINS WHY THUNDER ROSA’S INJURY PROMO WAS SO SHORT & BATTLESLAM NEWS Hosts: Gerard Bonner, (https://twitter.com/bonnerfide), Blue Magic, https://twitter.com/bluemagicgrind Cain McCoy, (https://twitter.com/CainMcCoy) Ella Jay (https://twitter.com/itsellajay) TK Trinidad (https://twitter.com/TKTrinidad)

A Major Battle Slam Announcement & Are The Women’s Tag Team Title Over?|WWT | 7.13.22

A Major Battle Slam Announcement, Cora Jade Turns Heels and Are The Women’s Tag Team Title Over?

The Field Is Set For Battle Slam | Fight For ATL

Battle Slam Fight for ATL will take place this Sunday in Atlanta, Georgia. This event features Hip-Hop and Wrestling in one building. It includes talent from all over the world, from AEW, IMPACT! Wrestling, and other indie promotions. In addition,…