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AJ Lee

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: AJ Lee

AJ Lee born April Jeanette Mendez was born on March 19, 1987. She would start her professional wrestling career in 2007 working on the independent circuit in New Jersey. She would fall in love with wrestling when she was about…

AJ Lee Is Taking It Slow & Halloween Havoc Is Returning |WWT Live | 8.31.22

Roman Reigns hits 2-year milestone as Universal Champion & Ric Flair Admits Faking Heart Attack In Last Match Was Not In Good Taste Hosts: Gerard Bonner (https://twitter.com/bonnerfide) Cain McCoy (https://twitter.com/CainMcCoy) TK Trinidad (https:// twitter.com/tktrinidad)


Top 5 WWE Matches | Paige

Paige is the first-ever WWE NXT Women’s Champion and former WWE Divas Champion. Her contributions to the women’s evolution are shown in and out of the ring. Wrestling is truly in her blood. In her honor of departing from WWE,…

Top 5: AJ Lee

For many years, the women in WWE were just looked at as eye candy until AJ Lee redefined what it meant to be a “diva.” Lee was one of the key elements for giving women the proper treatment in WWE…

Top 5 Moments: Naomi

Glow- To shine brightly and steadily. Naomi (Trinity Fatu) has the beauty, style, and grace that screams all the Black Girl Magic ever since she entered the doors of the WWE. Naomi had shown her versatility from teaming up with…