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NXT Spring Breakin’ – April 25

Cora Jade v Lyra Valkyria

Lyra starts off strong, but Cora trips her as she bounces off the ropes, forcing Lyra to submit. Following her escape, Lyra returns to carry out her attack. Cora slips under the bottom rope as Lyra attempts a roundhouse kick and pulls Lyra’s arm with the ropes. Lyra bounces back, and Cora goes to get her kendo stick. As the referee starts to take it away from Cora, Lyra tries to kick her but misses. Cora seizes the opportunity to dodge Lyra before executing her DDT to win.

Astrid’s Point 

The match itself was fine, I hoped for more from both of them. I disliked the part towards the end when Lyra missed the kick for Cora as it looked like she hit it but Cora moved around the same time, it looked a bit confusing.

Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley v Brooks Jensen & Kiana James – Mixed Tag

Josh stood out in this match because of his aggressive approach to Brooks. Fallon quickly handed it to Kiana when she tagged in for the first time. James had hit a shoulder block, and when Kiana did a backflip, Fallon was there to counter with a clothesline. Fallon had a great and distinctive offense against Kiana. When Brooks diverted her, she yelled, “You want to yeehaw, bitch?” and slid under the bottom rope to strike James with her right hand.

When Fallon, who is standing in the middle rope and just looking out at Kiana, sees her about to jump toward him and pushes her outside, Kiana lands on Brooks’ arms. Brooks then kicks Fallon away with Kiana’s feet.

Josh is clinging to Brooks as Kiana shouts from the apron, distracting Josh. Fallon notices this and goes to drag Kiana to the ground before spearing her in the direction of the steel steps. As Josh and Brooks argue, Kiana shoves her purse in Josh’s direction while yelling at Brooks to strike Josh. Josh ducks as Brooks approaches, the purse lands outside, and Kiana bounces off the apron. Josh and Fallon win the match when they lariat Brooks to seal the deal.

Kiana is screaming at Brooks after the game, but he stops her before she can slap him. He asks, “I thought you loved me,” to which she responds, “I never loved you.”

Astrid’s Point 

I enjoyed this match more than I thought I would, Josh showed us a lot more than usual. I loved how fired up Fallon any time she was in the ring, I’m wondering if the ladies will have a one on one match or if the story is really over now.

NXT Anonymous – Sol Ruca Attack

NXT Anonymous posted a video, Dani and Sol are chatting and once they separate, Sol is pulled and attacked by someone, Dani realizes it and yells for assistance.

Astrid’s Point 

I wondered why Sol was targeted, it was revealed later that she actually injured with a torn ACL.

Gigi Dolin Promo

Before the main event begins, Gigi takes Vic’s headset. “Jacy Jayne, I know you’re watching, you didn’t hog up enough of my spotlight last week, so you had to go and run your mouth about my crummy family and what I chose to do so that I could give my brother the life that he deserves. Do you want to run me out of NXT? I’m not going anywhere, I will make your life a living hell, starting next week. Since you want to involve my family so bad, my baby brother will be sitting ringside to watch me cave your face in!”

Astrid’s Point 

I loved that this was a different setup compared to a past video package she had or even an in-ring promo and I loved how well she responded to Jacy.

Tiffany Stratton v Indi Hartwell v Roxanne Perez – NXT Women’s Championship

Roxanne sets up a double takedown as she is bouncing off the top rope, however, Indi and Tiffany don’t roll up correctly, and it didn’t look great on TV. Roxanne looks great when she bounces off the ropes to dive onto Indi then Tiffany, she does it twice.

Tiffany lands on Roxanne and Indi with a Swanton, Indi’s leg was twisted as she landed from holding Tiffany. Stratton then goes to pick up Indi but the referee stops her to be able to check on Indi. Hartwell begins to remove her boot as the medical team assesses her injury. Tiffany and Roxanne have to keep going as Indi is being checked on, the crowd is quiet due to the concern.

At some point, Indi is taken to the back as Tiffany and Roxanne continue on. Indi runs to the ring which causes the audience to cheer on seeing she’s able to finish the match. Indi breaks up the pin Roxanne has on Tiffany, she covers both ladies separately, and she’s slowly taking down both opponents. Tiffany does her signature moonsault on Roxanne and goes for the pin but Indi arrives to slip her out of the ring. She goes her lariat for the victory as she pins Roxanne.

Astrid’s Point 

The match itself it was okay, the Indi injury definitely took away from the match. At first, the crowd was concerned, and distracted as they checked on her while we had Roxanne and Tiffany calling moves to keep going as Indi wasn’t involved temporarily. The crowd picked up a bit as they cheered on Roxanne, the crowd was definitely more involved. She wobbled to assist with the finish, pinning Roxanne to retain which was interesting to see Roxanne’s disappointment. I do see Tiffany asking for a rematch as she wasn’t pinned and her title shot wasn’t one on one. I give props to Tiffany and Roxanne for doing what they could on the spot while Indi’s injury was happening.


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