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AEW All Access Ep. 1: Life On The Ropes

After Dynamite on Wednesday, AEW debuted All Access, their brand-new reality show. The program gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at some of the company’s top stars, including Adam Cole, Dr. Britt Baker, and The Young Bucks, as well as access to both their personal and professional lives.

The first episode focused on Dr. Britt Baker’s problems with Thunder Rosa, a former AEW Women’s World Champion. As you may recall, Rosa was still the world champion when the show was recorded. In light of Thunder Rosa’s injury, Baker, Saraya, Hayter, and Storm debate whether Strom should serve as the “interim” champion. They wonder how Rosa can give speeches and seminars across the country but not attend AEW.

Baker claims that, despite her injury, she was happy to show up to work each week and represent the division. Baker has a scheduled match against Skye Blue and Madison Rayne despite his injured back.

We regret to inform those who were wondering if All Access had covered Brawl Out. The Young Bucks informed the filming team that they won’t be talking about the incident, so the first episode avoided it. The two instead discussed their “nervousness” upon entering Full Gear following their suspension.

Tony Khan wanted to re-do the Bryan Danielson vs. Sammy Guevara match as a two out of three falls match because the first match was so excellent. As Guevara prepares his promo to introduce the match, Tony Schiavone can be seen giving guidance. Melo talks about how the WWE hired her after she tried to compete for Brazil in the Judo World Cup. Melo and Guevara were booed when they appeared on screen, despite Tony Khan’s wishes. Tay, however, had to get used to being a heel.

In spite of Adam Cole’s absence from AEW’s ring, the show finished by highlighting him. The Young Bucks and Baker discuss Cole’s head injury and how terrifying it can be for a professional wrestler. In a span of three weeks, Cole experienced two concussions, the second of which occurred at Forbidden Door. Cole was afraid he might never wrestle again because of this.

In addition, Kylie O’Reilly, who is also recovering from an injury, pays him an unexpected visit. On the most recent AEW Dynamite episode, the winner of the 2022 Owen Hart Cut discussed injuries, how he overcame anxiety, and all the setbacks leading up to his return to the ring.

The next episode airs on April 5th, but be sure to check out the All Access Post Show, exclusively on Women’s Wrestling Talk, starting April 9th.


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