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WWT Top 25 Women Wrestlers of 2022: #5 Syuri

Over the calendar year, Syuri has easily posed herself in the running for one of 2022’s top wrestlers. Syuri, a former UFC fighter and mixed martial artist, is ruthless and fierce in and out of the ring. She uses vicious MMA kicks and strikes and devastating submission tactics to wear down her opponents.

Syuri started the year with the World of Stardom Championship and Goddesses of Stardom Championship with Giulia (April 4, 2021). She has defended her singles title against Mayu Iwatani, Momo Watanabe, and Nanae Takahashi, but she and Giulia lost their tag titles on January 9, 2022. This created a rift in Donna del Mondo that escalated over the following months. Things officially broke off when Syuri defeated her former stablemate Giulia to retain her World title, forming a new faction called God’s Eye on March 26, 2022. She was later joined by other Stardom talents MIRAI, Ami Sourei, Tomoka Inaba, and Nanami. Under Syuri’s passionate leadership, they became one of the company’s most aggressive and dominant factions, winning match after match.

Syuri’s accolades do not end with her title reigns over 2022. She was also ranked #1 in PWI’s Top 100 Women’s Wrestlers of the year— and broke barriers in doing so, becoming the first Joshi talent to make the ranking since its implementation. Likewise, it was recently announced that Syuri won the Tokyo Sports Women’s Wrestling Grand Prize of 2022, a huge honor. Though losing the Red Belt to Giulia on December 29, she helped culminate one of wrestling’s most impressive long-term storylines of the year. For these reasons, Syuri is number five on our list.


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