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Tegan Nox Is Back…Are We Happy? | WWE’s Smackdown / AEW Rampage Aftershow | 12.2.22

Tegan Nox returns to help Liv Morgan take out Damage Control. No Ronda this week, but Shayna is still breaking arms. Plus, Saraya has alot to say and Athena applies damage to Dani Mo. Join the conversation with WWT hosts Driune Santana ( @Heelistic ) Nickie Booshie ( @NickieBooshie ) Meka ( @MeekThaMage ) Alicia ( @al__yeahh) on Smackdown & Rampage Post Show

Hosts: Driune Santana: https://twitter.com/heelistic?s=21&t=-0bPKwMAowMDjojMNVtluQ

Nickie Booshie: https://twitter.com/nickiebooshie?s=21&t=Qcf8P24KOwojxHh-Y6fRvA

Meka: https://twitter.com/meekthamage?s=21&t=Qcf8P24KOwojxHh-Y6fRvA

Alicia: https://twitter.com/al__yeah?s=21&t=Qcf8P24KOwojxHh-Y6fRvA



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