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Savannah Evans Gets Wilde With Taylor Wilde

This past week, Savannah Evans sits down with Taylor Wilde. They discuss their time in IMPACT! Wrestling while Evans gives details of her name.

The Birth of the Cannibal

“The name actually started in 2017, I’ll say, in this all-women’s promotion here in Charlotte called Queens of Combat. I was teamed with two other girls Devyn Nicole and Big Swole. We were an all-Black group of ladies. We were the Sexy Young Caramels, and our initials spelled out SYC. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s sick.’ We didn’t have that group really outside of the promotion, and it only lasted maybe a year or so. I still wanted to use the initials SYC, and I’m like, ‘How could I tweak around these letters a little bit?’ What if I’m ferocious, I’m the Sexy Young Cannibal. And I can still keep the initials, cool. It kinda started as for fun, and then I was like, ‘let me actually roll with this.’”

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Be sure to check out the entire interview available now.

This year, we got a chance to speak with Savannah Evans in an exclusive interview. She opens up about her time in IMPACT! Wrestling and signing on with the company. Check out the full interview available now.

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