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KAIRI On How Different Japanese Wrestling Is From WWE

Since leaving WWE in December 2021, KAIRI has returned to Japan’s premier all-women’s promotion World Wonder Ring Stardom. The former Kabuki Warrior won the inaugural IWGP Women’s Championship at NJPW and Stardom’s Historic X-Over. KAIRI recently discussed the differences between WWE and Japanese wrestling with Yuzuki Aikawa. WWE match cards aren’t finalized until the day of the event, giving wrestlers little time to prepare.

“If you know the card beforehand, you can put it [matches] together or plan out a strategy, right? … That is why you can’t practice or prepare for your opponent’s moves. There were people you were facing for the first time too. And it was all done live.”

The Pirate Princess, however, acknowledges this impromptu approach as a means to improve her wrestling skill through spontaneous planning.

KAIRI is set to defend her IWGP Women’s Championship at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 17 live at the Tokyo Dome against the challenger, Tam Nakano on January 4th of next year.


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