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Mia Yim Talks Her WWE Return And Friendships Within Wrestling

Mia Yim speaks with Cageside Seats. As we know, Yim is gearing up for her match at Survivor Series WarGames happening live this Saturday. She discusses her return to WWE, relationships within the company, and more.

Her relationships in wrestling

“I’m best friends with Shayna, Dakota, and Jay Duke,” Yim continues, “We talk pretty much every day, every other day. When Dakota came back, because I was streaming at the time, and then everybody on my stream was like, “Oh my God, Dakota!” I was like, okay, what’s going on? Because now I’m scared. So when I finally figured out, I texted her, I was like, how is everything? Like, it’s awesome seeing on TV, but like, how is everything, really?”

She goes on to discuss the moral in the locker room calling it “amazing! Very hectic and busy, but I like that. I like it. It’s awesome. It feels like NXT again.”

Working with Triple H

“I’ve always loved working under Triple H at NXT. It was with all my friends. It was easy to talk to him. I wasn’t expecting much just because, you know, [Keith Lee and I] were recently married, just bought a house. So keeping busy in my real life, but also, still busy working and just trying to get my footing and get that light back under my butt. And it just kind of came out of nowhere. And with Triple H running everything, I couldn’t say no. Like he is someone I respect. He’s so smart and creative. With how things went in NXT, absolutely, absolutely. So it was an easy decision for me.”

The meaning of “Michin”

“Michin is Korean for crazy, and I am half Korean, half African American. I always do what I can to represent both my heritage and Michin is something that my mom has called me since I was a kid. It holds something special to me because it’s something that I’m used to growing up.”

Be sure to check out the entire interview with Cageside Seats available now.


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