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Angelina Love Has A Message To Wrestlers

Last night, Angelina Love takes to Twitter for a quick message. In addition, her message is not directed to anyone specifically, unless you are a wrestler.

Angelina Love says:

“Stop slapping your leg when you throw a forearm, please! A forearm does not need the leg slap sound lol. Please. Stop. Please.”

People had this to say regarding her statement:
  • @BCW_Wrestling_ | “Can’t believe this has to be said”
  • @TheChrisSilvio | “I see it on chops too… bruh, come on…”
  • @KingOfCouture | “Also headbutts, punches, kicks, European uppercuts, clotheslines, and….get this…CHOPS If you’re doing a strike, it should connect and should make sound because it’s flesh on flesh!”
  • @TomzillaVS | “The Rock literally did this….dude turned out alright in the end”
  • @OfficialCG44 | Exactly! It only applies to super-kicks. At least for me. But hey that’s none of my business though, right?”

As many know, Love is noted for her work in promotions such as TNA!/IMPACT! and NWA. This Sunday, she will be making her way to District Wrestling, facing off with Angelica Risk.

Lauren/Angelina Love (@ActualALove) / Twitter

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