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#IMPACTRecap The Night Before Over Drive

Now, we are officially on the road to Over Drive. In addition, everyone in the Knockouts division is looking for a victory. On top of that victory, many are looking to take the gold and end reigns in the process.

Where In The Hell Is JesSICKa??

Before her match with Tasha Steelz, JesSICKa is nowhere to be found. As Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie discuss her whereabouts, Valkyrie states that JesSICKa is last seen on TikTok.

Taya Valkyrie defeats Tasha Steelz

After a no-show from JesSICKa, Taya Valkyrie decides to step in and face Tasha Steelz. After gaining the win, Valkyrie is suddenly attacked by Steelz. In addition, Rosemary gets in the ring and attacks Steelz.

To no surprise, Savannah Evans is not going to sit around and watch Steelz be jumped. As Evans gets in the ring, she goes to attack Rosemary while Valkyrie attacks Evans. As Steelz and Evans are choking out Rosemary and Valkyrie, JesSICKa decides to finally appear.

Furthermore, one question remains. What will happen at Over Drive? Can JesSICKa get her head back in the game for the match?

Taylor Wilde wants to end Mickie James

Is Jordynne Grace ready for Masha Slamovich…again?

Tomorrow night at Over Drive, Jordynne Grace will defend her IMPACT! Knockouts World Championship against Masha Slamovich. Ahead of their match, Slamovich sits down with Gia Miller.

Can Grace retain yet again or will this be the time for Slamovich? Our full interview with each Knockout is available now.

Be sure to check out The Salt Shakkas’ predictions on the full card for Over Drive later tonight. Stream live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.


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