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Case of the Missing Gloves! WOW Aftershow | 11.14.22

A solid, heartfelt and action packed episode of WOW Superheroes popped off this weekend! We learn more about Chantilly Chella’s story as she fights the brash lyricist BK Rhythm! Then we get an update on the WOW World Champion The Beast. We also get a mystery with Kandi Krush as she tries to solve the mystery of who stole her special boxing gloves given to her by her late grandmother! Is Stephy Slays a prime suspect? Find out with WWT hosts Stephanie Hardy (@QueenStephHardy) and Katrina Blake (@InKatW3Trust) on the WOW Superheroes Aftershow!

Hosts: Stephanie Hardy (https://twitter.com/QueenStephHardy)

Katrina Blake (https://twitter.com/InKatW3Trust)


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