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Jade Cargill Rejects Bow Wow’s Date Offer With A Roast

Bow Wow, a longtime wrestling fan, has met Rikishi on a plane, feuded with Dominik Dijakovic (T-Bar), and been called out by Shane “Swerve” Strickland, but this time it’s Jade Cargill.

AEW TBS champion Jade Cargill was asked out by Rapper turned actor Shad Moss a k a Bow Wow on social media as he wrote “After my first win, I just want to take you out somewhere. @JadeCargill” which Jade responds in a cold-blooded manner by writing “You Can’t Afford Me Bow. Thanks, but No Thanks”.

It turns out that she was joking when writing “@smoss I’m just kidding. It was a jokey joke” which Bow Wow who didn’t know when to jump off from trash talking kept it going by writing in typical Napoleon complex fashion: ““I def knew you was kidding when you brought up money.”

Then the TBS Champion Clapped back at Shad Moss whose ego was bruised after tweet pointing out she’s been rich, and money is not an issue saying: “I wasn’t. AT ALL. I know you are new to the wrestling world. But uh. Maybe you should use google more often. We rich RICH baby. REAL LIFE.”

Then Bow Wow wrongly and loudly boasted getting money before Cargill could speak by writing “You a 90s baby J. I been getting money before you could put your first sentence together. You are fine and all … but don’t crash out 🤣❤️❤️ love you baby 😈”

then she responded by writing ”My man makes your bank look like LIL Bow Wow baby. Don’t come for me. We have play dates with your money”. Continued by writing “It’s all love though. I brought your tape when I was like 7. Like everyone did. 💪🏾”

Bow Wow graciously accepted his “L” after Jade’s rejection, saying he respects her relationship with Brandon Phillips.

“[You] got me outta mine when I shot my shot,” wrote Bow Wow in a final tweet. “I don’t do that but I’ma respect the curve. I know [you] locked down so… Hurts my heart.”

In recent months, Jade Cargill has encountered hip-hop. Jade and The Baddie Section were involved in an on-camera storyline in September that saw Trina slap wrestler Diamante, which went viral.

Bow Wow’s interaction with Jade Cargill follows Swerve Strickland’s callout of the rapper. Swerve issued a challenge to the Ohio native during a recent interview with RJ City on the AEW YouTube show Hey! (Ew). Bow Wow has shown interest in professional wrestling since 2020.


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