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Kimber Lee Discusses IMPACT Contract Update

Kimber Lee hasn’t been seen on IMPACT Wrestling programming since December 2021 when her storyline as one of Su Yung’s Undead Bridesmaids alongside Brandi Lauren ended. On August 4, 2020, Kimber Lee formally joined IMPACT Wrestling. She was a regular on television, frequently partnering with Yung. 

In a recent interview with NBC Sports Boston’s “The Ten Count”, Kimber Lee has confirmed that she is still under contract with IMPACT Wrestling saying, “I am still contracted with IMPACT Wrestling,” Lee stated.

Since she’s still under contract with IMPACT Wrestling, Kimber Lee has discussed returning with Gail Kim. Lee said she has a year left on her contract and has talked to Gail Kim about returning.

“I signed a three-year deal; I still have another year to go. The potential to come back is always there. With the storyline I was in with Su Yung, things kind of came to a close. I’ve been in talks with Gail (Kim) about where to go next. It’s coming. It’s not set in stone when.”

Lee also stated that her IMPACT Wrestling contract has an expiration date and will not be extended due to inactivity. Lee last wrestled in September for SHINE Wrestling against Ivelisse for the SHINE Championship. The date for Kimber Lee’s Return is unknown.


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