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#IMPACTPreview Mia Yim vs. Taylor Wilde

Taylor Wilde is back in IMPACT! Wrestling and she is wasting no time. Returning comes with nerves and that feeling of anxiousness. As she settles in, it seems she has had her eye on a few of the Knockouts—one, in particular, Mia Yim.

With this being Wilde’s first singles match back, she has quite the challenge facing off with Yim. Yim continues to take her opponents to a different level. Since her return, Yim has proven herself to be the true HBIC. Going up against pretty much every single current Knockout, Yim has had more than enough practice. After her loss to Mickie James, it is time for a new path.

Tomorrow, Mia Yim and Taylor Wilde will go one-on-one. In my opinion, each of them needs this win. This victory pushes either one of them closer to the gold. For Wilde, this is a step in the right direction. Getting the win in her first match back sets a good tone for her moving forward. As far as Yim, this could be a great way to exit, leaving her legacy.

Prediction: Taylor Wilde must pick up this victory. As reports state, Mia Yim is currently making her way out of IMPACT! Wrestling. Her winning this match as she is making an exit does nothing for her or the division in my opinion. Wilde is hot on a comeback. She needs the win to make a mark and let everyone know she is back.

Get all the details from this match and all the women’s action on our #IMPACTRecap posted here on Thursday. Be sure to check out our post-show following after. Stream live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.


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