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TJPW Wrestle Princess III Results

The final major event of the year for Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, Wrestle Princess III, did not disappoint on Sunday. TJPW and some guests put on a memorable show with nine incredible matches on a prime card.

Like most of TJPW’s major shows, Wrestle Princess III combined the heartfelt and humorous to engage fans across the globe. We mentioned a few weeks ago, in anticipation of the show, that the future was fast approaching. Talents’ dreams have come true and failed in the past month.

Be forewarned reading ahead: there are spoilers! 

  • Juria Nagano & Moka Miyamoto defeat Arisu Endo and Kaya Toribami (9:24) — Nagano pins Toribami
  • Nao Kakuta, Yuna Manase, & Yoshiko Hasegawa defeat Mahiro Kiryu and Yuki Kamifuku (Toyo Mates) & Haruna Neko (12:11) — Kauta pins Haruna
  • Ryo Mizunami defeats Suzume (11:05)
  • TDC Rules Match: Mizuki defeats Hyper Misao (8:25) 
  • Rika Tatsumi, Max the Impaler, & Yuki Aino defeat Aja Kong, Pom Harajuku, and Raku (UpUpGirls) (12:48) — Tatsumi pns Harajuku
  • Maki Itoh & Miyu Yamashita (121000000) defeat Hikari Noa (Up Up Girls) & Riho (AEW) (13:44) — Itoh submits Noa with Deluxe Texas Cloverhold
  • International Princess Title Match: Miu Watanabe (Up Up Girls) defeats Alex Windsor (c) (10:21) — Watanabe wins with Teardrop, Title Change
  • Princess Tag Team Title Match: Saki Akai & Yuki Arai (Reiwa AA Canon) (c) defeat Nightshade & Rhia O’Reilly (The Uprising) (16:57) —- Arai pins Nightshade
  • Princess of Princess Title Match: Yuka Sakazaki defeats Shoko Nakajima (c) (22:44) — Sakazaki wins with Merry-Go-Round and Springboard 450, Title Change 

Max the Impaler and 1210000000 faced legend and trailblazer Aja Kong and Riho and Hikari Noa, respectively, in tag matches. Miu Watanabe’s long-awaited singles run and Princess Cup winner Yuka Sakazaki’s third Princess of Princess title over longtime rival Shoko Nakajima were the night’s biggest news. WPIII promises a bright future for the company, and fans are excited to see where it goes.

Baylan Akki and Chris Brookes of DDT provide English commentary for Wrestle Princess III on WrestleUniverse.


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