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TJPW Inspiration #5 Brand vs Brand Matchup

On September 11, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling hosted its fifth Inspiration show at the Shinjuku FACE venue in Tokyo, Japan. It was a brief but enjoyable night with four compelling matchups, one of which was a brand vs brand tag match pitting TJPW’s Princess of Princess Champion Shoko Nakajima and rising star Moka Miyamoto against Dalys la Caribea and Stephanie Vaquer.

Dalys defeated Nakajima in a CMLL six-woman tag match in November 2019. The TJPW tandem set their eyes on redemption and respect.

Tokyo Joshi has always been known as a bubbly; camp promotion dedicated to bringing joy into professional wrestling. Talents such as Maki Itoh, Miyu Yamashita, Yuka Sakazaki, and Mizuki headline shows with their brilliant storytelling while also contrasting tender moments with adaptability to fun, humorous visuals. Thus, when contenders and rivalries reemerge, a different kind of intensity is visible throughout the match.

Vaquer and Dalys, a muscular duo, poked with Nakajima’s outfit to rouse the Big Kaiju. Miyamoto, whom Vaquer tersely shook hands with before the match, didn’t feel this energy. Dalys showed off her strength by rag dolling both opponents, and Vaquer used her brutal technique. Miyamoto fought back with karate strikes and her trademark grit, while Nakajima added Lucha-style face tactics to her high-speed onslaught. The bout was highly entertaining with opposing techniques between Joshi and Lucha, power and speed, allowing all the talent to exhibit their versatility and skills.

Eventually, Dalys would gain the victory by pinning Miyamoto with La Magistral Cradle, leaving the arena 2-0 against Nakajima. As they left, however, both opponents made it clear that this would not be the last time they faced off in a ring, leaving fans eager for the next time they cross paths.


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