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Maria Kanellis Confirms 10 Episodes Of Women’s Wrestling Army Tapings

Big news regarding the future of the Women’s Wrestling Army is revealed by Maria Kanellis.

Owner of Women’s Wrestling Army Maria Kanellis joined Dave LeGreca and Thunder Rosa on Friday’s episode of Busted Open Radio to talk about a variety of topics. The next two-day television taping for Women’s Wrestling Army will take place this November in Chicago at the Berwyn Eagles Club, Kanellis stated during the “Gabby AF” segment with Gabby LaSpisa.

“We have some incredible news,” Maria Kanellis began. “So Women’s Wrestling Army started in May of this year, and we’ve done a couple of tapings, and we haven’t announced our next taping yet, but I thought this would be the perfect time to announce that we’re doing another taping in Chicago at the Berwyn Eagles Club on November 4 and 5, so we’re gonna be taping actually ten episodes of TV.

“It’s so jam-packed, but also so good because everybody gets to come in. We have a ton of women that are going to be at the show, somewhere between 25 and 30. But at the same time, we keep our tapings very tight. So about three hours you come to the show, it’s three hours, and it is just like hard-hitting awesome wrestling. So it’s going to be ten episodes over two days. So five episodes each day.”

There was no mention of tickets during the show. LaSpisa will also be participating in the promotion as a backstage interviewer, Kanellis stated in her last statement. The inaugural LaSpisa event will take place in Chicago on November 4 and 5.


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