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Toni Storm Becomes AEW Interim Women’s Champion At All Out

At AEW All Out, a temporary AEW Women’s World Champion was named following a fierce contest between four outstanding competitors.

The winner of a four-way bout between Toni Storm, Jamie Hayter, Hikaru Shida, and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. to determine the Interim AEW Women’s World title was announced.

Baker hastily made his way outside to gather herself. Storm was tripped by Baker, who was then knocked out by Shida. Several pin attempts were unsuccessful. While Hayter was under Toni’s subjection, Shida was under Hayter’s.

Rebel entered the ring as Storm and Shida were still engaged in combat. Rebel was headbutted by Storm and Shida, but Baker and Hayter were able to exploit the situation thanks to the diversion. Shida was taken outdoors by Hayter and Baker. On the ramp, Baker stomped on Shida, and officials examined her. Shida was led backwards by an escort.

Storm was double teamed by Baker and Hayer, but Shida later reappeared carrying kendo sticks. Shida shot Hayter with a falcon arrow, but Storm broke the pin. Storm was struck by a tombstone piledriver from Hayter, but the pin was broken. Shida kicked out after Baker attacked her with a stomp.

Shida was being pounded by Hayter with a ripcord lariat when Baker called for the referee. Storm struck Hayter with Storm Zero, but Baker tried to grab the pin. Hayter, though, walked away.

Toni Storm returned and hit Baker with a DDT. After that, Storm successfully executed a DDT on Hayter to win and claim the title of new interim champion.


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