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Jade Cargill Goes Full She-Hulk & Retains TBS Championship At AEW All Out

At AEW All Out, Athena was unable to unseat Jade Cargill, who extended her winning streak to retain the TBS Championship. At tonight’s PPV, Cargill defeated Athena to improve her AEW record to 37-0 and retain her championship.

Jade Cargill presented a “incredible” new look at AEW All Out prior to defending the TBS Championship against Athena.

Before the Meteora, Athena would rush the champion with a kick as this bout began. The Baddies would drag Athena from the ring as O-Face landed. Keira Hogan and Leyla Gray would be eliminated by a furious Athena. Returning to the ring, Cargill performed a pop-up Samoan Drop followed by a spear for a two count.

Before Cargill performs the springboard crossbody, Athena will be thrown with the Biel Toss. The fans would chant for Athena, who would again be interrupted at ringside by Hogan. Cargill would defeat Athena with a pump kick and Jaded for the victory.

Cargill has held the title of TBS Champion for 242 days since being crowned the inaugural champion on the January 5 broadcast of AEW Dynamite.


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