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Cora Jade vs. Elektra Lopez 

Cora is very fired up; it is mostly Cora in control of the match. Cora did miss Elektra on two occasions, one when she did the basement drop kick and one when she bounced off Elektra. Lopez took herself to the outside of the ring instead. It seemed like a quick rivalry between them to give Cora someone to face for the moment.

Roxanne promo 

We have a Roxanne promo for the finals of the Women’s Breakout Tournament. We begin the promo with a clip of Total Divas when she talked to Nattie and Brie, she mentions the women that inspired her such as Paige, Nikki Bella and Michelle McCool. She mentions that she trained at Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling, Booker didn’t care that she was the smallest or youngest in the class. Roxanne also talks about being close to Cora, being friends for a while and she got her to be in NXT. She is now more determined to win the tournament and the championship contract, Roxanne Perez goes against Tiffany Stratton next week.

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Women’s Championship Summit 

Mandy says she’s the superstar with the most pressure, the opponents disagree. Rose says “When I won at Halloween Havoc, you all thought my title was gonna be short. Well, how many days has it been? 200 and counting, so I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, put some respect on my name.” Wendy throws at spitball at Mandy, kicks her. Jacy and Gigi go at it with Kayden and Katana while Mandy focuses with Wendy. Katana flies on to Jacy while Kayden goes for Gigi. Katana and Kayden assist Wendy, taking on Mandy, they set up the table while Wendy is on the top turnbuckle. Katana and Kayden place Mandy on top of the table and hold her in place for Wendy, Choo does her finisher on Mandy. All three ladies take the championships, raise them above their faces to celebrate.

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Ivy Nile & Kiana James backstage 

Ivy is training, Kiana tells her that about Diamond Mine and the Creed brothers situation. Kiana asks Ivy if she’s going to talk to the Creeds after Saturday because according to her calculations they have less than 12% chance of winning.

Tiffany promo 

Tiffany says last week an injustice was corrected, she has lot of trophies at home. Roxanne’s life is as exciting as a cardboard box, she’s over everyone loving her.

Thea Hail promo

Thea sits down to give us her decision on the university she’s attending, she removes the hats from the table there representing three universities. Thea picks Chase U, we see Andre Chase, Bodhi Hayward and the students celebrating.

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Ivy Nile vs. Kiana James 

Ivy shows off a lot of her power, Kiana goes for a few kick in the corner. Kiana has Ivy in the corner, she yells, “Brains over brawn, always.” Ivy has a submission attempt, Kiana turned it into a roll up attempt. Ivy wins. Pretty Deadly comes out, the Creeds join her, Creeds take on Pretty Deadly. This match another match to show off how much Ivy has grown, I enjoy watching her progress.

NXT UK – June 2 

Xia Brookside and Eliza Alexander Interview 

Xia and Eliza are questioned about their tactics, Amale interrupts, tells them they cannot beat her on their own, tells Eliza to face her one on one.

Ivy Nile Promo 

Ivy promo about her preparation to face Meiko Satomura for the NXT UK Women’s Championship which is happening next week.

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Stevie Turner vs. Angel Hayze

Stevie uses a distraction to give Angel a big boot causing her to stumble in the corner, Stevie continues stomping Angel. Hayze is able to use her speed, to gain the control over Stevie, which didn’t last long. Stevie pulled Angel’s hair to gain control, running over the ropes to hit Angel with a running knee. Turner keeps Angel by the ropes, Angel is using them to stay up, Stevie runs from one side to the other to hit Angel with another running knee, she follows it with a swinging neck breaker. Stevie keeps Angel in place with a submission, Angel fights out of it with a few punches to Stevie’s abdomen. Angel dodges a big boot from Stevie, follows it with a few elbows to the face, keeping her momentum. Angel is running towards the ropes, Stevie holds her tights, causing Angel to try again and Stevie following suit then landing her with a big boot, sets up the Mass Effect for the win. Stevie defeats Angel. I enjoyed the quick action between these two, it’s the first time I watch Stevie wrestle, I’m looking forward to watching her more often.

Meiko backstage 

Meiko meets Emilia backstage after her match with Lash Legend last week. Emilia apologizes for letting Meiko down by losing. “You should be stronger, work harder, be better,” Meiko tells her.


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