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Kairi Sane Makes Her Way Back To Stardom World Climax

Former WWE star Kairi Sane returns to in-ring action at Stardom World Climax. During a press conference in February, the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion said that she would be coming back to the company.

Stardom’s “The Best” event took place on Saturday at Rygoku Sumo Hall. Kairi Sane, who now goes by the ring name KAIRI, made her return to the ring at the event from Rygoku Sumo Hall.

She teamed up with Mayu Iwatani to defeat Tam Nakano and Unagi Sayaka, who were both very strong. This was her first fight for the company since 2017. KAIRI did an elbow drop, and Mayu did a moonsault to get three points for the win.

In 2017, KAIRI was signed by WWE. She had been with Stardom for more than 6 years before that. There was a wrestling tournament in 2017 that she won called Mae Young Classic. She also won WWE NXT Women’s Champion and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. In 2021, she will return to Japan to be with her husband. Until recently, she worked in Japan as a WWE Ambassador.

As an ambassador for WWE, KAIRI came back to Japan in July 2020 and worked with the company. When her contract ran out in February, the wrestler was free and clear to do it all over again.

A match between Kairi and Starlight Kid will be her first one-on-one match in almost two years on Sunday.


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