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The Blueprint of WWE: Sasha Banks

In addition to being a five-time Raw Women’s Champion and two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, Sasha Banks was also an NXT Women’s Champion, and one-time SmackDown Women’s Champion. The Chaotic Wrestling Women’s Championship was held by her for a total of 259 days until she entered the WWE. In Chaotic Wrestling, this was the longest reign for a female wrestler.

After her debut in NXT on December 12, 2012, Banks completely revolutionized the wrestling world. When she made it to the main roster, The Boss had no issue cashing in on her rise to the top. Sasha Banks is the first black woman to hold the WWE SmackDown and WWE Raw Women’s Championships at the same time. In the history of the WWE, she is the first black woman to serve as the main event and headliner of a major pay-per-view event. In addition to Bianca Belair, Banks is a pioneering black woman wrestler at WrestleMania. First, in a Hell in a Cell bout and the first on the main roster, she is the first black woman to compete. With her battle with Charlotte Flair, she became the first black woman to win the PWI Feud of the Year award.

In today’s world, Banks is a great role model. She has repeatedly shown why she is and always will be the gold standard. As a child of fame, The Boss knows a thing or two about what it’s like to be in the limelight. As a wrestling fan, it is a joy to witness her fulfill her lifelong ambition of becoming a WWE superstar. Whether she’s a WWE champion or The Mandalorian, her history shows her desire to be a star on and off the mat.

The grandeur of Sasha Banks is just beginning to come to light as she moves forward in her career. As an African-American woman, Mercedes Varnado has given me and many others a role model for being proud of our color in an industry that often overlooks it.

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