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Trish Adora Makes Her AEW Debut

On this week’s episode of AEW Dark: Elevation, fans of the Afropunk Trish Adora were in for a treat. Currently, Adora is the reigning F1ght Club Pro Wrestling Pan-African World Diaspora Champion and last tonight she stood in an AEW ring set to face off with Riho in her first appearance for the company.

Adora looked as cool as a cucumber as she locked up with Riho. Hard blows started to be thrown out, with Trish briefly getting the best of her opponent. To Adora’s dismay, when Trish tried to pin her down, Riho just eased out of the lock-up and wore a cocky smile. Dare I say that this fired her up a bit.

Trish shows a display of strength by slamming Riho and throwing some forearms in the corner. Paul Wight and Mark Henry, we’re very impressed with Trish’s feats of strength on commentary. Riho recovered and decided to take a flight going to the top rope to stomp on Trish’s abdomen to take the victory.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by Trish Adora losing. It was her debut, but I believe that four more minutes could’ve shown off both women even more. However, Trish was able to showcase her phenomenal technical skills and brute strength. The pairing between Riho and Adora was perfect, and I would LOVE to see them do more together. Adora’s match could be a soft opening for her and a tease for what’s to come in her possibly doing more in AEW.

There was massive support for The Pan Afrikan World Diaspora champion online and on Black Twitter as Trish made her AEW debut. Adora’s star has been rising as she has been having a summer and fall that revivals most indie performers.

Trish has held the Pan Afrikan World Diaspora championship since February 2020. Every match she has to defend the title has drawn a lot of attention and views for many indie promotions that stream these main event matches. Not to mention Trish had a fantastic article written about her recently from the Washington Post, which donned her the new superhero for this generation. As well as ranking #18 in PWI’s Women’s Top 150 2021 list & was ranked #44 on the Top 500 2021 list.

With Trish’s huge approval ratings for her matches in the Ring of Honor women’s tournament this summer and her ongoing appearances with the company, this makes her a massive draw for the developing AEW women’s division over this next year.

If you’re like me and can’t get enough of Trish Adora, be sure to check out the Women’s Wrestling Talk’s in-depth top five countdowns of Trish Adora’s best moments in her career thus far.


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