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Who Will Reign Supreme At Survivor Series? Raw or Smackdown?

Survivor Series is one of my favorite PPVs out of the big four. Every year, this PPV elevates to a new level of brand supremacy. However, this year seems to be highly different. The traditional way of qualifying for a spot on the five-on-five tag match did not happen the way it does typically would. This year, WWE announced who would be representing Team Raw and Team Smackdown via Twitter—beginning with Team Raw: Bianca Belair, Women’s Tag Team Champion Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Carmella, and Queen Zelina. WWE continued to announce Team Smackdown Women’s team: Sasha Banks, Shayna Baszler, Shotzi, Natalya, and Aliyah.

Unfortunately, Aliyah was cut from Team Smackdown after winning a six-woman tag match between her other teammates and Naomi. Earlier this week, WWE announced Aliyah would be replaced by none other than the former NXT UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm. In previous years, Team Raw has reigned supreme over Smackdown, but I have a feeling this year could go either way. Predictions could be challenging based on the build-up for the five-on-five women’s match. So, I gather three of WWT’s excellent writers to share their thoughts on which team will win and the sole survivor(s).

Five vs. Five Women’s Match

Driune: Team Raw / Bianca Belair & Rhea Ripley

Team Raw will win, in my opinion, because of Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley. These women are no stranger to being a part of Survivor Series when they represented NXT in 2019. These two powerhouse women will carry their team to victory.

Samuel: Team Raw / Liv Morgan

I do believe that the likely duo of Carmella and Zelina Vega will cause huge problems on that team, with their egos getting the best of the other three women on the team. However, I do believe that Team Raw will remain undefeated in the survivor series as Team Smackdown consists of Sasha Banks, Shotzi, Shayna, Toni Storm & Natalya. With the way this team has been shown on Smackdown, their egos could get their best as Sasha Banks and Shotzi are the team’s most prominent hot heads. Liv Morgan will be the sole survivor for Team Raw for the simple fact that they are building her up and capitalizing on an opportunity that they have missed numerous times to do correctly.

Nickie: Team Smackdown / Natalya & Shayna

Let me start and say that Natalya is the true leader of this team. I know that Sasha Banks would love to believe she is but is she? Let’s be honest here; Banks has more to worry about when she attacked her teammate, Shotzi, after their match this past Friday. Honestly, Natalya is the one you want on your team. She is the B.O.A.T. and will lead SmackDown to their victory with the help of former 2-time NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler.

Meka: Team Raw / Bianca Belair

Team Raw has won the last few years in a row, and I hope they pull through again. It may sound cliché, and some would scream that it is overkill, but I predict Team Raw to pull through with the victory once again, with Bianca standing as the sole survivor. I think it will come down to Sasha and Bianca as the last two, hinting at the unfinished business between the two, with Belair bringing the win home for the Red brand.

Becky Lynch Vs. Charlotte

Where do I begin with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair? The Man vs. The Queen. The Raw Women’s Champion vs. The Smackdown Women’s Champion. These two started in NXT and created a friendship like no other. Everyone knew that Lynch and Flair were the best of friends inside and outside of the ring. Whether they were tagging or feuding with each other, their story changed the narrative of women’s wrestling. We could go all night about the history of Flair and Lynch and their real-life issues, but one question lingers. Who will be standing tall after Survivor Series? Will The Queen be dethroned, or will Big Time Becks be exiting stage left?

Driune: Undecided

For me, I am always in the middle when it comes to these two. I honestly do not know who will win. However, I will go with Charlotte Flair because I believe this will put zip on Lynch’s lips from all of the trash-talking she has been doing behind closed doors. Nevertheless, with Lynch not losing a match in a year or two, Big Time Becks could easily win this match by default. Personally, Survivor Series has been wrapped around this fued, and I would like for their match to be the main event. Their match has been the most talked-about since they title change after the WWE Draft. As of right now, my prediction is at a standstill on these two.

Samuel: Charlotte Flair

I believe this match could go either way, but Charlotte Flair will win because she is the queen. She has carried this storyline until Survivor Series and knows what is at stake. The only thing Becky Lynch will be saying is “U.H., OH” as she taps out to the figure 8.

Nickie: Becky Lynch

As much as I love Charlotte Flair, I believe Becky Lynch needs this win more than anything right now. From the video package given on SmackDown this past Friday, it is pretty evident that Flair is at the top of her game. Honestly, I would love to see Flair pick up the win here. However, many forget that Becky has not lost a match in over two and a half years.

Meka: Becky Lynch

My prediction for this match is going against the grain for me. Although I would prefer Charlotte to come out of this one the winner, I feel like we will get Lynch going over tonight. Becky would benefit immensely from the win, and WWE wants to prove that Becks is, indeed, big time.

Be sure to check out WWE Survivor Series after-show on youtube to see who predicted correctly.


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