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Top 5: Mickie James

Country singer and professional wrestler Mickie James currently wrestles for Impact Wrestling. Not many can say they have made an impact in the wrestling industry as James has. However, this hardcore country diva has made a name for herself in many companies but is most known for her time in WWE. With her returning to the wrestling scene, James has again shown the world how excellent women’s wrestling is and can be.

With Mickie James’ recent success and impact in the wrestling business, let us look back at moments of hers that helped define her as a person in and out of the ring.


At Slammiversary 2021, when Hardcore Country started blaring through the speakers, the fans erupted into cheers as James made her way down the ramp to make her presence known. Hearing the positive reaction, realizing she was wanted, and returning to a company that seemed to value her, I cannot imagine the joy Mickie James must have felt.


The highlight of the feud was the ladies’ championship match on Raw. Little Miss Bliss loved to run her mouth against the seasoned vet and buy her Depend Diapers and a walker. According to Bliss, James was older than the other girls on the roster and thought these juvenile jokes would break the veteran’s spirits. The way James valued herself as a wrestler, Alexa’s spiteful comments couldn’t sway her mindset. James showcased her incredible core strength by bouncing up off the canvas with three nip-ups back-to-back.

Even though James lost the match, she won in the hearts of fans and newer wrestlers. By losing to the Raw Women’s Champion, she helped elevate her. When vets help younger talent, it is almost always has a positive reaction from the fans.


When Mickie James made her WWE debut, she was put in a storyline with Trish Stratus. Although this wasn’t my favorite storyline, it was entertaining. For those who do not know or somehow forgot, Mickie James’ gimmick was Trish Stratus’ biggest fan-turned stalker. This feud between the two lasted over eight months and ended at WrestleMania 22 with Mickie James winning the Women’s Championship.


In 2010, Mickie James was in a 1v1 match against Tara. James impressively launched herself from the top of the cage on top of her opponent and swiftly ended the match with a pin. As someone that loves Mick Foley, high flying stunts, and dangerous maneuvers, this moment stood out to me in particular. I, before watching this match, had never seen a woman even attempt something like this. Making moves like this shows that women’s matches can be just as entertaining and action-based as men’s.


Mickie James, the seasoned vet of professional wrestling, was announced as the executive producer of EmPowerr, an event consisting solely of women’s matches. James wanted, despite potential contract issues, the best woman in the world to be involved. While James was still under contract at WWE, she pushed to hold more all-women events. However, this never made it past a suggestion as she was told, “women’s wrestling does not make money.” We can all agree that whoever still has that opinion clearly does not understand the impact of women’s wrestling. While it may not be as profitable, it does not make it worthless. While we still have a long way to go, Mickie James helping make events possible such as EmPowerr is a positive start to making women’s wrestling as impressive as it can be. We need to give women a chance to prove themselves.

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