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Vixens Wrestling Revolution: Rebranding and Surviving

Rebranding for a company can be a nerve-wracking experience. Aside from the obvious hazards and costs, there is also the uncertainty of what lies ahead. Some places decide against it, but others take it and run, enter Vixens Wrestling Revolution. For not long, VCW has set itself up as a force in Texas for indie wrestling and women specifically.

Born from the Vixens Division of Renegade Wrestling Revolution, VCW, even in its infancy, has already made a name for itself in Texas and throughout the world thanks to the incredible and diverse talent that has passed through its doors. Rising stars such as Thunder Rosa, Red Velvet, Sonny Kiss, Insidious One, Hyan, Current Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion Rok-C, and Raychell Rose have all graced the ring. As if those names were not enough, the name of the current Vixens Division Champion should ring a bell: Nyla Rose, currently of AEW fame.

This is a transitional time for VCW, as they are moving from a division in a promotion to its own, free-standing organization. Changes include moving the current Vixens Division Championship to be their top title and introducing a second title, the Genesis Championship, launched in early 2022. VCW also brings in tag team championships, making them a one-stop-shop for women’s wrestling and their fans.

As if this news was not enough to get you excited about VCW, the next show, called New Wave, on January 15, 2022, in Houston, TX, should! There is also a long history of incredible bouts from earlier shows, including:

Raychell Rose vs. Nyla Rose vs. Amber Rodriguez
Red Velvet vs. Insidious One
Rok-C vs. Raychell Rose vs. Insidious One
Rok-C vs. Sonny Kiss

Women that have been announced for the New Wave card include:

Alejandra the Lion
Rache Chanel
Amaris Blair
Claudia Solis
Black Widow
Delilah Doom
Amber Rodriguez, the Mad Esthetician
Laynie Luck
Jazmin Allure

The card for New Wave is stacked with more women to be announced in the coming months. You should keep an eye on Vixens Wrestling Revolution, even though it is still in its infancy! For more information, you may follow Vixens Wrestling Revolution on social media, including Twitter and Instagram (@VWRProWrestling) and Facebook (VWRProWrestling).

Match Links:

Raychell Rose vs. Nyla Rose vs. Amber Rodriguez

Red Velvet vs. Insidious One

Rok-C vs. Raychell Rose vs. Insidious One

Rok-C vs. Sonny Kiss

** feel free to contact VWR at VWRProWrestling@gmail.com for any inquiries about match footage and if you are interested in supporting them in any way. Thank you to Jacob King, General Manager, for supplying the company’s history for this article. **


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