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Up & Comers: 16 Women’s Wrestlers on the Rise in 2021

Women’s wrestling has picked up in a big way in 2021 after a down year. Brand new wrestlers are popping up across the country and some ladies who have been in the game for a few years are starting to get noticed. To be on this list of up and coming women’s wrestlers these ladies have to have been wrestling for no more than five years and not currently be signed to WWE, AEW, or Impact. Hopefully you will be reminded of a few of your favorites and discover some new wrestlers to keep an eye on. Feel free to share your comments on Twitter about who you agree or disagree with and who will become a big star in the years to come. You can find the author of this article @WWTRankingsDude and the hosts of Women’s Wrestling Talk on @WWTalkPod.

#16: Sarah the Rebel

The first wrestler on this list is our very own WWT host Sarah the Rebel. She started out as Razor in WOW and then began competing as Sarah the Rebel in independent promotions such as OVW, Empower, and more. Be sure to catch her on the Women’s Wrestling Talk weekly shows as well as in the ring.

#15: Karma Dean

Making her debut earlier this year, Karma Dean was trained by Cody Rhodes and featured on the Nightmare Academy showcase on YouTube. Karma has appeared in national fitness competitions and pageants and is an actress who gives off some Carmella vibes. With her ties to AEW she could show up on Dark in the near future.

#14: Amaris Blair

Glamorous Amaris Blair has been training for a few years and recently made her in ring debut in 2021. Check out her interview on Women’s Wrestling Talk. The proudest moment of her career was wrestling her mentor Amber Rodriguez for the Elev8 Pro Women’s title.

#13: Eve Levine

This amateur wrestler made the transition to professional wrestling in 2020 and has been featured on FSPW Jewels of Wrestling. So far her biggest moment was main eventing Premier Wrestling League’s first women’s championship match. She has the perfect combination of strength, speed, and amateur ability.

#12: Ava Wilde

The powerhouse Ava Wilde made her debut in 2020 and trained under Dustin Rhodes at the Rhodes Wrestling Academy and was featured on their showcase. She has been involved in bodybuilding and fitness competitions and set records. Ava reminds some of Chyna, Kamille, or Jade. She joined Mission Pro Wrestling’s first faction WAR in June 2021.

#11: Brittnie Brooks

Brittnie Brooks is new to the scene and her name is appropriate because she looks something like a 90’s pop star. But don’t let her looks fool you; she can go in the ring. Brittnie defeated Freya the Slaya this year and went on to win the Arizona Wrestling Federation women’s championship against Sandra Moone, Maya Martinez, and Brynn Thorne.

#10: Julia Hart

You might not know her by name but if you watch AEW you know Julia Hart as the cheerleader. She is not signed with AEW but has appeared on Dark after her connections from training at the Nightmare Factory and recently got her first win. Julia is only 19 and pulls off being a cheerleader so well because she really is one. She also trained with Ken Anderson and has been paired up with the Varsity Blondes in AEW where she may get signed at some point.

#9: Labrava

Labrava made the top 10 in our first ever independent women’s wrestling rankings. She competes in Florida and has held the OCW and POW women’s championships. She is a member of the faction Controversial Inc. Labarava was the first ever Pride of Wrestling women’s champion and keeps improving with every match.

#8: Haley J

“HollyHood” Haley J was #3 in our first ever indie women’s wrestling rankings and racked up more wins than any other female competitor in the first quarter of 2021. The OVW women’s champion is a second generation wrestler as the daughter of Amazing Maria and continues to push the limits.

#7: Notorious Mimi

Notorious Mimi has been tearing it up in New Jersey. Still in her late teens, Mimi is a former TCW Goddess Champion and won the MFPW Women’s Championship in 2021. Mimi has competed in promotions including Invictus, Global Syndicate, and more. She has a bright future and had an awesome ladder match against Vicious Vicki in 2021.

#6: Skye Blue

The young Skye Blue made her debut in 2019. She won the Chicago Style Wrestling Women’s Championship in 2020 and the ZERO1 USA Women’s Championship in 2021. Skye Blue has also wrestled in AEW and NWA and has a bright future.

#5: Freya the Slaya

Freya the Slaya should be no stranger to fans of Women’s Wrestling Talk. As the only female wrestler in Alaska she competes against men sometimes half her size. Freya has wrestled for AEW and NWA and has been training and wrestling in the lower 48 states when she can. Her size, strength, and moves resemble the likes of Bull Nakano, Kevin Owens, and even Andre the Giant. Check out her interview on WWT.

#4: Vicious Vicki

The vivacious Vicious Vicki has been tearing it up in her home state of New Jersey for the past few years. She won the TCW Goddess Championship in 2020 and held four belts at the same time in 2021. She has a stellar win-loss record for 2021 and has had quite the rivalry with the Notorious Mimi.

#3: Trish Adora

Everyone knows Trish Stratus, but now everyone should know Trish Adora too. She has been wrestling since 2016 and is the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Champion. Trish has competed in Ring of Honor, Game Changer, Beyond Wrestling, and more. She even competed against Kairi Sane in NXT.

#2: Jennacide

Even though she is somewhat of a veteran, Jennacide can still be considered an up and comer. She started wrestling in 2016 and is a former ACW Women’s Champion and Diamonds Division Starlight Champion. Formerly known as Jenna Von Muscles, she has competed in many promotions including the NWA, AEW, and Mission Pro.

#1: Brooke Valentine

Brooke Valentine made her debut in 2017 and is the ZOWA Women’s Champion. The Queen Bee is a young powerhouse who has competed in Game Changer and several other independent wrestling promotions. She was trained by Michael Elgin and you can see some similarities in the ring.


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