How to listen and support Women’s Wrestling Talk

Women’s Wrestling Talk is a show where we interview women in the wrestling industry. The show is released every Tuesday morning on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcast. On Wednesday the episode goes up on YouTube. Every Thursday at 6pm pst we host a live news show with special guests.

If you like what you hear, we could really use your help to keep the show running! Your donation helps us pay for our producer and graphic designer. There are several donation options:

  1. Support us monthly on by clicking “support” and choosing an amount
  2. Head to to donate and see how close we are to our goal
  3. You can also drop off one-time payments at or cashapp $WWTalk

Need an episode to start at? We recommend the Trish Stratus episode! Have fun and if you enjoy the show please consider either a donation or sharing us on social media so more people can find our show!

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